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About Counseling

A Licensed Professional Counselor is not the same as a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Professional Counselors help individuals, couples and families achieve results through a collaborative approach. Clients work with a counselor to better understand their specific situations, identify achievable goals, and develop a potential solution and plan of action to achieve them.

Common goals set by clients include improving communication skills, understanding how to better cope with stress or past trauma, finding solutions to problems causing grief or emotional turmoil, and improving self-esteem and self-worth. Counseling provides clients with a unique professional environment aimed at eliciting behavioral changes and improved emotional processing. Sessions are designed to improve a client’s overall mental health through continuing growth and development.

As you continue your counseling, you learn to better examine your own strengths and identify the weaknesses holding you back. You better recognize triggers that may cause stress or emotional problems. You also understand how to make positive and realistic changes that will improve your mental health.

Your counselor will encourage you throughout the process and facilitate your own process of improved growth and personal development. In the end, you’ll have a healthier mental state and positive emotional transformation within your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does counseling cost?

The cost of counseling can vary widely based on your specific insurance. Brighter 2 Morrows Counseling believes in providing services at a fair and affordable rate for all clients – regardless of income.

Check with your insurance provider to determine coverage for counseling services, including any co-pays you may have to make. If you don’t have insurance or your provider does not cover counseling services, B2M charges a flat rate of $60 per hour session – lower than the national average and most other services in the Erie County region.

Does my insurance cover counseling services?

Insurance companies and coverage varies, so you’ll have to check your specific plan to see if counseling and other mental health services are covered. Most insurance companies cover counseling with a co-pay that averages around $20 per session. However, those costs can be significantly higher depending on your coverage.

Brighter 2 Morrows will work with you regardless of your insurance or income situation to provide expert care at an affordable cost.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

The short answer to this question is that the amount of time you’ll need counseling depends directly on you. In an ideal world, counseling ceases when the problems that brought you into the office have been resolved or overcome. For many clients, however, counseling often brings up many other issues that need to be worked through. This means that in many cases you’ll feel a bit worse before you start feeling better.

Remember to check with your insurance provider to determine how many sessions they will cover. Some insurance companies limit the number of visits they cover to only 20 or 30 sessions, so make sure to discuss the potential length of treatment with your counselor in the first few sessions.

How confidential is my treatment?

As Licensed Professional Counselors, both Mark and Jeannie Morrow follow a strict code of ethics and conduct regarding client confidentiality. The standards of practice guarantee you full protection of confidentiality within your counselor/client relationship.

No disclosure of your personal information will be made without your informed consent made clear in writing. Information sharing that has been allowed through written informed consent will be restricted to a limited amount of time.

The only exception to this provision of confidentiality occurs when your counselor determines that there is clear and imminent danger either to you or other people or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be disclosed as a provision of a court case. You will be informed of the disclosure of this confidential information whenever possible.

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