Both Mark and Jeannie are Pennsylvania State Licensed Professional Counselors with multiple other academic and professional certifications. They provide expert counseling services to clients of all ages and specialize in multiple behavioral and mental health issues.

Available services include the following:


Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders

Mood disorders including depression and anxiety can have a tremendous effect on your daily living and quality of life. Anxiety may affect your ability to sleep and interact with other people. Depression may directly impact your ability to enjoy the things you love most. In all cases, these mood disorders can have a direct and negative impact on how you live your life.

Brighter 2 Morrows brings decades of experience in helping clients identify triggers and overcome the issues related to anxiety and depression. They can also help you find additional treatment options as necessary to restore your quality of life.

Preteens and Adolescents

Adolescence is a tumultuous period of time for any young person. As emotional development clashes with the onset of puberty, many teens face a wide range of issues that could affect their emotional well-being. Preteens and adolescents present a uniquely difficult challenge for parents. And behavioral issues such as poor school attendance and acting out can cause even more family stress.

Both Mark and Jeannie Morrow have years of experience working with preteens and adolescents. They understand how to meet young people at their level to identify problems and work to resolve them. They have helped to shape countless young lives into successful and happy adults.

Marital and Family Life

Marriage and family strain creates many challenges for both men and women. As issues continue to worsen, negative effects like resentment and infidelity often follow. Brighter 2 Morrows frequently works with couples to help them identify the issues in their marriages, set collective goals, and follow-up on the progress. While these issues often take time to resolve, both Mark and Jeannie have helped successfully rehabilitate hundreds of couples.

Miscarriage and Post-Abortion Grief

Both miscarriage and abortion present uniquely difficult feelings of grief in those who have experienced them. This grief often manifests in ways that clients do not even fully realize.

Both Mark and Jeannie Morrow provide clients with a supportive and understanding voice to help deal with and overcome grief related to miscarriages and abortions. Mark also specializes in assisting men who are struggling with issues related to abortion.

Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Self-Harm

Self esteem and body image issues persist as lingering struggles for people long after their teenage years. In many cases, these issues can further develop into issues of self-harm such as cutting or eating disorders.

The Brighter 2 Morrows team will work with clients to help them identify and overcome the issues related to their self-esteem. They work directly with patients to understand the root causes of low self-worth and poor self esteem. By understanding this, they help patients better understand how to overcome these issues and live happier and healthier lives.

Sexual Victimization and Abuse

Sexual victimization and abuse often leaves long-standing trauma that can continue to impact a person’s life for years. The effects of abuse often carry over into every element of a person’s life, causing problems such as anxiety, depression, and anger.

Both Mark and Jeannie are experienced counselors in helping victims of sexual abuse. They provide a safe environment filled with compassion and support. Clients can expect this support to continue for as long as it takes to process and overcome the residual negative effects of the abuse and victimization.

Referral Services

Referrals can also be provided for a broad spectrum of additional services and treatment options. These could include medical services, psychiatric and/or psychological care, substance abuse treatment facilities, and managed care.

Brighter 2 Morrows

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